The Cast of Bad Boys: Los Angeles

The Cast of Bad Boys: Los Angeles

Bad Boys: Los Angeles is an action-packed spin-off of the popular Bad Boys film franchise. The show follows a new group of police officers in the Los Angeles Police Department as they take on dangerous criminals and navigate the complexities of their personal lives. Let’s take a closer look at the talented cast of this thrilling series.

Main Cast

The main cast of Bad Boys: Los Angeles features a mix of seasoned actors and rising stars, each bringing their own unique energy to the show.

Gabrielle Union as Sydney “Syd” Burnett

Gabrielle Union reprises her role as Sydney “Syd” Burnett, who was first introduced in the film Bad Boys II. Syd is a strong and determined detective with a no-nonsense attitude. Union’s portrayal of Syd brings depth and vulnerability to the character, making her a fan favorite.

Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna

Jessica Alba plays the role of Nancy McKenna, a former Army veteran and detective who is partnered with Syd. Alba’s portrayal of McKenna showcases her versatility as an actress, bringing a mix of toughness and empathy to the character.

Ernie Hudson as Joseph Burnett

Ernie Hudson portrays Joseph Burnett, Syd’s father and a retired police officer. Hudson’s portrayal of Joseph brings a sense of wisdom and experience to the show, as he supports his daughter in her new role.

Supporting Cast

In addition to the main cast, Bad Boys: Los Angeles features a talented supporting cast that adds depth and excitement to the series.

Zach Gilford as Ben Walker

Zach Gilford plays the role of Ben Walker, a young and ambitious detective who is partnered with a seasoned officer. Gilford’s portrayal of Ben brings a fresh perspective to the show, as he navigates the challenges of being a rookie cop.

Duane Martin as Ben Baines

Duane Martin portrays Ben Baines, a charismatic and street-smart detective who is known for his unorthodox methods. Martin’s portrayal of Ben adds a touch of humor and charm to the series, providing some lighthearted moments amidst the intense action.

Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna

Ryan McPartlin plays the role of Patrick McKenna, Nancy’s husband and a successful businessman. McPartlin’s portrayal of Patrick brings a sense of stability and support to the show, as he balances his own career with his wife’s dangerous profession.


Here are some interesting trivia facts about Bad Boys: Los Angeles:

Spin-off of a Successful Franchise

Bad Boys: Los Angeles is a spin-off of the popular Bad Boys film franchise, which starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The franchise has been known for its high-octane action and comedic chemistry between the two leads.

A Fresh Setting

While the original Bad Boys films were set in Miami, Bad Boys: Los Angeles takes the action to the streets of Los Angeles. This change in location adds a new dynamic to the series and allows for fresh storylines and characters.

Exploring New Perspectives

Bad Boys: Los Angeles introduces a new group of police officers, providing a fresh perspective on the world of law enforcement. The show delves into the personal lives and struggles of the characters, adding depth and complexity to the action-packed storyline.

A Blend of Action and Drama

Like its predecessors, Bad Boys: Los Angeles combines thrilling action sequences with heartfelt drama. The show explores the personal and professional challenges faced by the characters, creating a well-rounded viewing experience.

A Fan Favorite

Since its premiere, Bad Boys: Los Angeles has garnered a dedicated fan base. Viewers have praised the show’s engaging storyline, strong performances, and exciting action sequences.

With its talented cast and thrilling storyline, Bad Boys: Los Angeles is a must-watch for fans of the Bad Boys franchise and anyone who enjoys action-packed crime dramas. Tune in to experience the excitement and drama of this captivating series.

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